07 JULY 2014

On July 12, Juanjo López has several actions, including: recording Demelsa Viñas in “Canary Sing” program being broadcast on the local network “Biosphere TV” where they held a special “Juanjo López” telling all his career in music since 2005 which started up today, in addition to promoting his first music video “I need”


Also, it will be with her ​​dancers Celia and Hector at the Teatro San Bartolomé as guest artist at the Gala of “Lanzarote Baila” School directed and chaired by renowned singer and dancer Miguel Medina, where he will perform two songs; “I need” and for the first time on stage, “I remember you”, released in May 2014 in Lanzarote and Fuerteventura Europa FM Charles Chavaud.


And to end the night, will finish performing as a guest artist their 3 new songs “I need”, “I remember you” and “Welcome to the party” at the Fourth Anniversary Barber his friend Juandi Diaz in Doblón Nightclub Arrecife Gran Hotel, premiering in this case his last track “Welcome to the party” on the stages of our island.

05 JULY 2014

Brilliant performance by singer Juanjo López in MISS GAY LANZAROTE and MISS GAY LANZAROTE XXL last July 4th in The Vegueta, where did I raise the audience with her ​​song “I need”, soon will post your video of the performance on the VIDEOS part of this site.


Next July 6, Juanjo López made ​​a photo book with her ​​dancers and HECTOR RODRIGUEZ CELIA PEREZ Guatiza by the photographer CRIS FRUIT. In brief the photos on the part of PHOTOS of this website.

04 JULY 2014

Next July 4, Juanjo López serve on the Jury of MISS MISS GAY GAY LANZAROTE Lanzarote and XXL and also perform her song “I need” with her ​​dancers Celia Perez and Hector Rodriguez held in the municipality of La Vegueta Tinajo.